Tuesday, March 18, 2008

VIII: Set to Dry

Here's an easy step. Why did I make it its own post?
Well, anyway, here's what you do:

1. Take the clips off.

2. Wrap your book loosely in plastic or wax-paper, to keep the glue from sticking to other things, like toast crumbs on your table.

3. Put a big old brick or other very heavy thing, like a piano, on top of the book and leave it there. Then the gluey bits of the book will dry nice and flat and not warp or wrinkle.

4. Let dry several hours or even overnight, if you are that sort. I rush things and sometimes that means my books are a bit jollywhompered, which is generally OK by me.

5. When the book is dry, basically you have a complete book.

The following steps are more about personal expression than anything (not that that's not important!), though adding a spine and covering the book will also add strength. But it'd take some effort to tear this book apart at this stage.
I used to make notebooks like this, and they stood up to a lot of hauling around.

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