Tuesday, March 18, 2008

IX: Create a Hard Spine for the Book

That's a banana-flavored popsicle (top right), I want you to know, not lemon.
Not only did Mad Max not have computers (he was pre-computer anyway), he didn't--gasp--have frozen treats. Imagine life without ice-cream...

This step is optional--you don't have to have add a spine to your book. But it makes it look more like a "book," and that's kind of satisfying.

1. Trace around the spine edge of your book onto the same material you made your cover boards out of (cardboard box, in this case). You want the spine to be as wide and tall as the edge, but no more or it'll stick out all awkward.

2. Cut out the spine. Don't hold the book in place, like I told Maja to do for this picture--that makes no sense at all. I wasn't thinking right. (Honestly, it was harder to document all these steps than I'd thought it would be.)

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