Tuesday, March 18, 2008

VII: Glue Fabric Tapes to Book

Now we're going to glue the paper guts of the book to the outside covers.

1. Position the cover boards on either side of the book block.
The fabric tapes are going to go on the outside of the covers, so leave them flapping out.
You can also tape them to the inside, if you want to hide them, though I think that makes the book a wee bit less sturdy. Like I said, you can do anything you want, long as you can make it work for you.

2. Clip the boards in place, just to hold the whole thing steady.

3. And glue down the fabric strips.
You really don't need a ton of glue.
For a nice glue job, if you're more patient than I am, spread a thin layer of glue on each piece of whatever you're glueing together and let the glue dry a couple minutes, until tacky, before pressing the two things together.

4. And run a little bit of glue along the spine.
Be sure to cover the knots where you tied the thread-ends together, but again, don't use a lot of glue. You don't want to soak the paper and make it buckle.

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